So you’re building a website? – 5 Things you need in a template!

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So you’re taking the plunge and building your website. Good for you! In terms of building your website, you have literally thousands of templates available to you. From WordPress to Template Monster, you’ve got access to a lot of different options. The prices vary (some are even free!), but by rule of thumb, you’ll pretty much get what you pay for. Still, a template is an extremely cost-effective way of getting a great looking website without the hassle and cost of hiring a website designer. Here’s a quick list of 5 key things you need to have in a website template.


A good clean layout
Does your template have a good clean layout that is easy for both you and your visitors to navigate? After all, people want facts and the ability to access what you offer as quickly as possible. If you’re making them fight for information amidst a poorly laid out website, you can bet that they will click off your page quicker than you can say “wish I’d picked a more simply layout”! Remember, sometimes, less is more!


Customisation options further down the line
Fine-tuning your website is often a drawn-out process. After a month, you may have something new to offer or you may simply want to re-arrange. Does your template let you log in and make changes in a user-friendly manner?


A style that suits your logos and branding
Does the template’s colours and style work with your logo and branding? If you’ve paid money hiring a tech-savvy web designer to come up with a brilliant logo for you, the last thing you want to do is take away from it with a template with contrasting colours that render it poorly executed.


A consistent look when accessed by mobile devices and tablets
Your audience is getting more and more technologically-acquainted, so you need to keep up! If a potential customer views your site on a mobile device with a smaller screen, and the layout messes up, you can bet you’re not going to make much of an impression. Consider the different angles and get a template that avoids these problems. Some template providers out there will give you a free mobile version of your site as standard, so you may want to look into them and get some quotes. Definitely a worth-while investment!


The freedom to place content where you want to make your message effective
Aesthetics are really only half of the battle. Is the template you have decided on geared to really sell what you have to offer? It may be minimal, it may be flashy, but whatever the case is, you need to make sure your template lets you put your positioning statements and key selling points in the best places, so you do as well as possible online. Find a template that gives you plenty of creative freedom, as you’re likely going to be changing where certain elements are located to improve your conversion rates down the line!

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